We all know that the Jimny comes with one of the smallest batteries ever. That said the stock battery was very good quality and later pretty long in my vehicle.

However, the day arrived when she was just barely cranking over and I had to replace the battery. But now I felt like parting way with so much money for a tiny little 35ah batter was such a waste. Surely we could do better.


I head out to the car with a tape measure to see what is the maximum size we can fit in there. And came back with some very sad results:

Measuring the battery bay to see how big of a battery we can fit in here… There is a 13 spanner for size reference.

I measured:

240mm L x 130 mm W x 230mm H

We really didn’t have much room to work with, It seemed like we were stuck with the tiny little battery in the Jimny. I was hoping to fit a 60ah dual-purpose battery in there, but no such luck. If you looking for more battery than what the stock can give you, see my dual battery post HERE.

That was until I found this little battery from Varta, A battery brand that is known for making very good quality and long-lasting batteries. I had a Varta blue in my first car with a huge sound system and that battery is still In that car 7 years later with a lot of abuse… Very impressive.

So here are your two best choices when looking for a direct fit-in replacement:

Varta B33

Blue Dynamic 545 157 033
Varta B33 Small Terminal Battery For Suzuki Jimny

Blue Dynamic 545 157 033

  • Model: 545 157 033
  • Capacity: 45 Ah
  • CCA: 330 A
  • Width: 129 mm
  • Length: 238 mm
  • Height: 227 mm
  • Weight: 11.7Kg
  • Short Code: B33
  • UK Code: 155
  • Small Terminal Post (LIKE STOCK BATTERY)

This b33 is a direct drop-in replacement battery, it will fit in the space available and the terminals will plug right in and you will be on your way.

Varta B34

Varta B34 (Std terminal) battery for Suzuki Jimny

Blue Dynamic 545 158 033

  • Model: 545 158 033
  • Capacity: 45 Ah
  • CCA: 330 A
  • Width: 129 mm
  • Length: 238 mm
  • Height: 227 mm
  • Weight: 11.7kg
  • Short Code: B34
  • UK Code: 057
  • Normal Size Battery Post (NOT LIKE STOCK BATTERY)

This is the battery choice that I went for, and I will list my reasoning below:

Larger terminals are more standard, I did not like the idea of having the skinny little terminal posts on my battery for the extreme and remote travel we do, should we ever break down etc, we would not be able to find a battery with those terminals or even borrow a battery from another car etc. The larger std size battery terminals are just a lot more common and readily available.

Now the downside to this, is that when installing your new battery, you have to change your battery terminals on the cables to fit the larger battery, this was another reason why I opted for this route, the stock terminals did no have any place to bolt-on accessories power, like my winch, Anderson plugs, car audio, lights etc. So I took the opportunity to upgrade those at the same time and score some additional connection places.

Battery Terminals

I got myself a set of these battery terminals, allowing for both m6 & m8 connections to be made. You need to order 1 * positive terminal and 1 * negative terminal.

Std size post battery terminal with extra connection points.

So you will see in the images below, I found a rather creative way to connect the stock wires/leads to the new battery terminals.

On the positive terminal, I managed to keep the fuse holder and just bolt that fuse holder on top of the terminal posts.

Then on the negative lead, you will see I just removed the bolt and used the two holes available to bolt the old terminal to the new terminal.

Final Result

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