Postponed due to Covid 19.

Mia & I have always dreamed of travelling through Africa. We have done multiple smaller trips around South Africa and neighbouring countries throughout our lives. So we thought it was time to ultimately brave up and go out of our comforts zones and do the “BIG ONE”.

We decided while we are going extreme, why not make it even more exciting and challenging and do the trip in our trusty little Suzuki Jimny “Nomad” (the cars name). This will most certainly be challenging as this little car is hardly equipped for a 3-month solo African expedition carrying everything we need.  This will force us to travel very lightly and pack cleverly, pushing the car and us to the limits.

After many years of talking and dreaming of such a trip, the ideal time eventually came when we decided to get married. This is the perfect opportunity for us to both quit/pause our jobs/careers and to do the trip that we had always been dreaming of.

Purpose of the trip

The purpose of the trip is to go and experience a true extreme African adventure, to travel where we have never gone before, to travel without a plan, backup or support. To get out into nature & the wilderness and to see what the African continent has to offer. We will be pushing ourselves, and all our gear & vehicle to the limit.

Route Plan

The current route plan is depicted I the image below, it is extremely difficult to plan a trip like this so far in advanced and a lot of the decisions & routes are going to be made along the trip on the fly. This is just the general route which we intend to go. We will most certainly be going off of this track to go and explore and find awesome landscapes & attractions.

Countries to Visit

  • South Africa – Johannesburg (start)
  • Botswana – salt pans
  • Botswana – Okavango
  • Namibia – Caprivi Strip
  • Zimbabwe – Victoria falls
  • Zambia – Lake Kariba
  • Zambia – Lusaka
  • Zambia – Luangwa National Park
  • Malawi – (Lake Malawi)
  • Tanzania – Lake Tanganyika
  • Burundi
  • Rwanda
  • Uganda – Lake Victoria
  • Kenya – Nairobi
  • Tanzania – Dar es Salaam (coast)
  • Mozambique
  • Swaziland
  • South Africa – Johannesburg (end)

Distance To Be Covered

The planned distance of the trip is estimated to be around 15 000 – 18 000km. The main driving route is about 12 000km and we estimate some good extra Kms driving around and exploring (and most definitely getting lost).


The planned timelines are to depart in May 2020, and we estimate that the trip is going to take 3 months to complete.

(This has been postponed due to Coivid 19 closing all the borders)

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